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My Work

My Work

Web3 Freelance UX

Imagine a truthfulness score based on how often the markets determine a user's posts to be true. Automating notifications from users or posts that truth scores.

eCommerce Case Study

Many sites are limited in their ways of experiencing their offerings. From the menu, reservation options, seating information, and happy hour offerings. This case study looks to examine different ways of looking at restaurants digitally.

CRM Case Study
Sogol CRM

The Sogol CRM app aims to enhance users' sense of connection within their digital workspace. It provides a simplified, gamified, and unified experience to assist companies struggling with their CRM solutions. Our goal is to deliver a solution that is both enjoyable and practical.

Web3 Freelance UX

GHOmium Assets: Earn GHO by depositing Real-World Assets (RWAs) like bonds, Bitcoin ETFs, and gold. Utilize our smart contract facilitator, Chainlink CCIP integration, and health index dashboard. Unique benefits: Collateral earns interest, and AAVE users get stkAAVE discounts.

Web3 Freelance UX

FarmShare is a web3 experience that allows for community supported agriculture farmers. It helps connect volunteers and workers to speed up the supply chain.

Web3 AI Freelance UX

MultiPDFGPT allows for you to upload and access a PDF that is intelligently read by an artificial intelligence via OpenAI's Chat-GPT. Giving you the ability to have a conversation with the document you intended to read.

Web3 Freelance UX

BarnRaise is a DAO that aims to revolutionize the concept of community-supported agriculture (CSA), empowering small farms and bringing together local communities. Members of the DAO can purchase shares to support local farms with little additional effort from the farmer.